Building Meaningful & Enduring Highly Regulated Technology Brands 

Senior marketing strategy and activation for growth healthcare and finance tech-enabled brands. We focus on the development and activation stage of the brand lifecycle. 


Regulated Tech Marketing is Unique

We focus first and foremost on understanding your business and your vision. We immerse ourselves in the consumer insights and competitive dynamics at the development stage of regulated technology brand launches. Then we build customized brand strategies and marketing plans, leveraging our combined experience in brand management and digital activation across a wide range of brands and industries. We deliver solutions that have the greatest impact on growth and a clear return on investment.

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Jason Randolph

Managing Partner

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Seasoned technology entrepreneur and marketer of 15 with a background as a leader in startup accelerators. Build and sold ad technology company background building global brands.


Questions We Answer...

How do I achieve my growth targets?

Brand Strategy

Who are my most profitable customers?

What is my target customer persona?

What is the right acquisition model (CAC, LTV, ROAS, Churn)?

What marketing messages drive conversion?

Am I building features customers want most?


How do I create a brand design look and feel?

I don't know how to set up digital marketing campaigns

How can I build a process to test and learn quickly?

How do I build my internal marketing dream team?

What benchmarks should I set across channels? 

How do I optimize my ad spend?

Neuroactive ProjectPlanning Worksheet


Learn all the different stages it takes to build a marketing strategy and activation plan for a technology brand



Launching Brands

  • Exclusively focus on building and rebranding of tech brands.

  • Provide ‘Full Service’ marketing hands-on leadership from strategy to execution.


  • Leverage a team that brings the experience of building tech brands and that understands the dynamics of early stage brands. 

  • Your interim marketing experts delivering results quickly without the need to commit long-term.


  • Quickly assess your needs, work to develop a winning brand and digital strategy, validate and continually optimize through execution. 


  • Coach your internal team, lead your agencies, and seamlessly hand-off when you’re ready. 

Technology Focus

  • Our team members each bring over 15 years building strategies and executing tech brand launches and growth​. 

  • Take a data-driven test-and-learn approach.


  • Identify right tech platforms, ad agencies, and marketing vendors.

Flexibility & Speed


"Jason very quickly got up to speed and made a seamless transition. I appreciated his flexibility and willingness to do whatever was needed. The engagement was so successful we continued to use his services."

—  Eileen B. - Director of Innovation, Siren Interactive 

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